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Dentures in Avondale, AZ

Discover a better way to smile, chew and talk with a smile that never fades. Our reputable dental practice is your first source for sturdy, custom-made dentures. If you have lost several teeth to disease or injury, dentures are essential oral prosthetics that make it easy to pursue your life feeling more confident about your looks. You don't have to hide your smile when you wear a pair of our white custom dentures. We have helped many patients feel better about their looks and quality of life with new full dentures.

Both partial and full dentures are available at our clinic, along with a variety of other custom prosthetics and implants. We care about your comfort—that is why we create each of our dental products according to your teeth's exact needs. We create impressions of gaps left behind by lost teeth before shaping a filling or prosthetic that will fit you perfectly.

A Solution For Every Patient

If you have a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, consider partial dentures as one of the primary options for restoring your bite. These removable dentures are a good option for preventing tooth loss in the future. Made out of a resin base, partials have custom-made artificial teeth inserted into them, using a mold of your mouth. These dentures help you continue normal functions, including chewing and talking, as well as helping you to avoid the shifting of existing teeth and enhancing your smile.

The fact is that removable partials are a cost-effective, less-invasive option for tooth replacement. Conventional versions of them fill in for missing teeth and are often anchored securely with clasps that wrap around abutment teeth. These resin or metal clasps are typically designed to be less visible. The fit is critical because a properly fitting partial evenly distributes the force of your bite and reduces the likelihood of trauma on your gums and teeth during chewing. Additional teeth may be also added to your partial over time.

Another partial option is a temporary partial that is commonly employed to replace a tooth immediately following a tooth extraction. Mainly for aesthetic purposes, temporary partial dentures typically do not function well because they rest entirely on your gums, causing irritation and tissue thinning.

Dentures in Avondale, AZ

Restore your smile with full dentures installed by our professionals. After losing all of your teeth, whether from gum disease, tooth decay or injury muscles around your mouth start sagging, adding years to your appearance. These removable dental appliances replace your teeth and greatly benefit your looks. Dentures from our practice help make it easier to speak and eat without natural teeth. Having full dentures installed also helps to fill out your face; and they are typically made to resemble the natural teeth that you have lost. This ensures that there is less of a change to your appearance while enhancing your smile.

Conventional dentures are placed in your mouth after any residual teeth have been removed and all your oral cavity tissues have healed fully. This process may take several months. After denture installation, your new teeth may feel awkward until you have become accustomed to their presence in your mouth. Common sensations include feeling loose as your cheek and tongue muscles adapt to having to keep them in place. Minor irritation and soreness are also typical, along with increased salivary flow as your mouth gets used to your dentures.

You deserve a custom dental solution designed to fit you. With help from our oral health specialists, it's easy to secure the comfortable, yet snug dentures you need to look and feel great. We tailor each of our prosthetics to our client's individual needs in order to secure the best results. Rely on our dental office when you need custom dentures made to fit your mouth and your lifestyle.

Be sure to ask our specialists how to best take care of your dentures when you receive them. Just as with natural teeth, dentures should be brushed daily to remove food and other particles. Brush your gums gently as well, to ensure they are a clean site for your dentures. Brushing can also help stimulate circulation in your gums and keep them healthy.

When to Consider Dentures

Make the right choice for your smile with a set of custom dentures made to fit your mouth. Accidents, disease and tooth decay can sometimes rob you of most of your teeth, leaving you with an incomplete smile. If you are concerned with your ability to talk, chew or smile confidently after losing many teeth, consider using dentures to take back control of your life.

Unlike permanent implants, partial and full dentures are completely removable, making washing and maintaining them simple. Many kinds of dentures are available for different areas of tooth loss—conventional, immediate and other denture styles can each complement your smile according to your needs. Sit down with a dentist from our practice to learn which is right for you and start the fitting process.

Contact our clinic to schedule an appointment and to be fitted for dentures. We work with patients from Buckeye, Tolleson, Laveen, Verrado, and Estrella Hills, AZ.

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